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A Liar or a Bungler Walk into GOP Headquarters, Who Should Resign First?

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Remember that kid you or someone close to you hung out with in and possibly shortly after high school that always had nice things–cars, bikes, clothes, etc?  The kid probably always insisted that he/she paid for these things with their own, earned money yet barely if ever worked some shitty job.  Furthermore, it was an obvious, open-secret among you and all your friends that their relatively well-off, above-middle-class parents were bankrolling their expensive tastes?

Apparently those kids grow up to run for public office.  As it turns out, bankrolling your kids’ expensive habits, although frowned upon by anyone with a functioning work-ethic, is actually legal until little Frankie develops a taste for public power and needs money for campaigning.  As it turns out, hitting up mom and dad for a brand new Dodge Charger complete with a special edition sport-package is one thing; doing so for money during a campaign for public office is illegal.

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