No truth is self-evident


     The phrase “no truth is self-evident” means that AccuSo recognizes a popular reliance upon media outlets and public officials to provide the public with information and, more importantly, interpretations of events.  This means that there exists a tacit ‘social-contract,” forged between the media and officials who speak in a public capacity from positions of authority and consumers of information.  It is our mission to hold accountable journalists, public officials and any or all persons and organizations who present “information” to, or speak on behalf of, the public.

     AccuSo is a team of independent researchers who follow current events, foreign affairs, and trends in political thought.  We provide cutting-edge analyses using data-driven sources when applicable and the latest in theoretical interpretive models.  Our goal is to bring sophisticated methods of analysis, the sames ones being used by major media organizations, think tanks, and super pacs, albeit self-consciously less overtly, to a widely accessible, unpretentious level of communication.

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