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If You’re Good at Something . . .

William Parke

Around 1 pm in Representative’s Hall former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien introduced this year’s iteration of the “Franklin Partin right-to-work act.” As he began he declared that many opponents of the bill were paid to attend and testify at the hearing. “I’m not paid to be here!” he stormed, and “no one is paying” right-to-work advocates to attend.

Seated not three feet from O’Brien, waiting to give testimony in support of the bill, was Greg Moore, State Director of Americans For Prosperity in New Hampshire. AFP pays state leadership over $100k a year to campaign specifically for legislation like right-to-work. It’s fair to say that Moore, at least, was definitely paid to be there.

And that’s pretty much what you should know about the 2015 O’Brien right-to-work act.

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