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The Last Debate

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Mike Wallace sits ramrod straight in his chair. His eyes twinkle. A hint of emotion plays at the edge of his mouth; it’s not humor, it’s not hunger. Raw anticipation, not free from malice but fueled by something grander.

His limpid lounge-singer’s eyes half-lidded gaze upon the stage of stiff, almost martial competitors. ‘Tonight,’ he thinks. ‘Tonight will be the night.’ Not just another facile primary debate. Tonight he would put an end to it all.

“This next question,” he begins, and pauses. Wallace licks his lips, obviously in anticipation. “This next question, is for all of the candidates.” Continue reading

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Unit Shifter

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Hillary Clinton’s gonna run for President.

I’d just say Hillary Clinton’s gonna be President but the Republicans haven’t even really teased their lineup for 2016 yet and I feel like I’m gonna jinx a good showing if I say too much right now. Can’t write them off entirely yet, gotta give ’em time to feel things out. Let ’em show a little leg.

Reread that sentence, but keep an image of Ted Cruz in your mind. Yeah. Continue reading

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It’s a slow Monday at the Global offices. We’re a little more than halfway through our twenty one day blitzkrieg, so it seemed reasonable to take a couple minutes and talk a little about the site, flesh out what we’re doing, and give some idea as to where we’re going.

American politics is a nightmare. The Republic has never been a perfect institution. The Three-Fifths Compromise is written into the Constitution itself. Even amended, the document speaks to the fundamental imperfections of the Union. In the same era though the public discourse on the issues surrounding the Constitution were framed in classic, broadly applicable documents, like the Declaration of Independence, like the Federalist Papers. Documents that grapple not only with contemporary policy issues but discussed the underlying function and role of government and politics.

Now every four years Will.I.Am comes out and tells people to punch a ballot based on that week’s Facebook memes. Continue reading

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Talk Ain’t Cheap

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A specter is haunting American elections — the specter of foreign policy. Every election cycle in the US, especially in the presidential election, the two parties do their damnedest to differentiate themselves. In matters where they differ then the tension between opposites helps define a middle ground, a moderate position that adjusts itself to fit popular opinion.

In matters where the two parties agree a more dangerous dynamic presents itself: When they agree on policy they can only differentiate themselves by the extremity of that policy. When we’re discussing the bipartisan consensus on foreign policy, all a politician has to differentiate themself from an opponent is how extreme that policy can be. Continue reading

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