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Journalism as Activism

[P]ersonalized delivery of modern media has provoked criticism of ideological journalism. Media watchdog groups like FAIR, Media Matters, or Accuracy in Media – themselves staking out ideological positions – were formed to confront misleading and counterfactual claims by biased news organizations. However, the standard plea for an ideologically objective journalism is fundamentally and absolutely flawed […] Feigned neutrality fundamentally misconstrues the purpose of journalism: journalism is a form of activism.

Staff analyst, ne’er do well, and busybody Wm. Parke on the nature and necessity of advocacy journalism, at Rebel News.

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Literacy: the Price of Liberty

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Y’all need to stop reading the news.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort. You should want to be informed and involved. That’s what I want for you, to pay attention.

Your news is garbage though. I mean read Reuters. Read UPI. Read AP, Interfax, and CBC. Please. Sift newsfeeds as if there really was gold in those sandy hills.

But don’t read the news. When you read outlets like HuffPo, when you read the Wall Street Journal or USA  Today or the New York Times you’re just going to end up reading repackaged establishment tripe courtesy of some rattle-headed mouthpiece like David Brooks.

The same way we don’t need you people smoking crack and thinking it’s coffee we also don’t need you reading David Brooks and mistaking that for the news.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about this asshole. Let’s talk about David Brooks.  Continue reading

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