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Say What(?)…Say When…Say Uncle…When Fear is Sovereign: Torture as the End of Liberal Regimes…?

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What is most revealing about torture?  The truth—according to some theories.

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Interlude 1

S: so, neoclassical liberalism: http://mises.org/library/what-neoclassical-liberalism

S: i was looking for a word to describe the contemporary libertarians…this isn’t what i had in mind but its interesting

S: its like the contemporary libertarians are different from classical Lockean liberals in that they are hostile to the Hobbesian state rather than taking it for granted

S: i guess what i have in mind is more radical than neoclassical liberalism


Libertarians deny we have special ties to our fellow citizens the way we have special ties to friends and family. Other citizens are strangers. I have no special connection to people in California as opposed to Ontario. (p. 76, emphasis in original)

If this is right, why do the poor of one particular nation have a claim that wealth in their society be redistributed? Should not such claims take in all the people in the world?

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