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I Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday

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A brand new 2015 Bentley Mulsanne sedan has an MSRP of $300,000, the combined take-home pay of twenty full-time McDonald’s employees. For not even $10 million US dollars you can have yourself 370 acres of lush Whiteland Coppice and white sandy beachfront a leisurely 2 hour catamaran trip from the coast of Grand Bahama. For $3 billion you might’ve been able to snake the Beats Electronics brand from Apple. Beats is primarily known for taking the ubiquitous studio- or “DJ”-style headphone design and redesigning it to be bulkier and dumber looking.

It seems these stratospheric price ranges suffer from a severe degree of diminishing returns. So maybe it’s not a surprise that $1.7 trillion dollars doesn’t afford you much more than an enormous barrel fire for your cash and a contagious cage fight between two of your most reviled enemies. Continue reading

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