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Protesting Too Much

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It’s hardly a secret that the AccuSo staff have a picky palate when it comes to media outlets. So it stands out acutely when one of our favorite publications stoops to shoveling propaganda for the powers that be, like we see in a Foreign Policy opinion piece just yesterday:

[P]art of the goal: restoring Russia as a leader of world opinion after the reputational damage it suffered in Ukraine, muscling in as a power broker that needs to be consulted in important crises far from its borders and sphere of influence […] But even members of the reliably shrill pro-Kremlin chorus seem to admit that nobody but Russia likes this configuration — and that Russia, like Pushkov said, doesn’t really need this at all.

Sadly, FP is beginning to sound a little “shrill” itself in its careful and side-mouthed denunciations of Russia’s Syria intervention. In policy and opinion pieces language is everything. Articles like this, or their recent attempt to paint Syria as a US-Russian proxy war, spend more time rhetorically impugning Russian motives and capabilities than they do building a historical or evidentiary case for that position.

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A Fiendish Stupidity

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Looking Through the Eye of a Pig

“There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and shame the devil.”

-Walter Lippmann, 1920

Lucky then for writers like Thomas Friedman that in America law only applies to poor people. Continue reading

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I Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday

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A brand new 2015 Bentley Mulsanne sedan has an MSRP of $300,000, the combined take-home pay of twenty full-time McDonald’s employees. For not even $10 million US dollars you can have yourself 370 acres of lush Whiteland Coppice and white sandy beachfront a leisurely 2 hour catamaran trip from the coast of Grand Bahama. For $3 billion you might’ve been able to snake the Beats Electronics brand from Apple. Beats is primarily known for taking the ubiquitous studio- or “DJ”-style headphone design and redesigning it to be bulkier and dumber looking.

It seems these stratospheric price ranges suffer from a severe degree of diminishing returns. So maybe it’s not a surprise that $1.7 trillion dollars doesn’t afford you much more than an enormous barrel fire for your cash and a contagious cage fight between two of your most reviled enemies. Continue reading

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