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Lies and the Right-to-Work

Right-to-work advocates allege that union contracts fundamentally infringe on workers’ rights and prerogatives. In response, R2W legislation would prevent any union from requiring employees to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

Were union contracts handed down by fiat from a tyrannical central authority then these bills would be landmark achievements in securing personal liberty. The simple fact though is that there is no free market being preserved here, only the perverse and unsustainable fantasy of the stock broker who charges no fees.

More from AccuSo staff writer, editor, and para-laureate Will Parke, on the dishonest agenda of the right-to-work movement and how it endangers a truly free market, at Rebel News.

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But Divided They’ll Fall

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There’s a problem with unions in America. They make the market work too well.

I’ve got a trite rule of thumb for when a politician speaks: Assume the opposite and work back to the truth from there. It’ll save you time. So when the hacks from AFP or the various other Right to Work lobbyists start saying that union contracts are anti-free market I’m not surprised to find they’re almost exactly wrong. Continue reading

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